Collection: Mala

Malas — also known as yoga beads or japamalas — are necklaces that usually have 108 beads. Mala, Sanskrit for “garland,” is often used to enhance spiritual practice.

Mala beads traditionally have 108 beads. The largest bead, in the center, is known as the guru. It is said to hold the energy generated during your practice.

The significance of the number 108 in mala beads holds deep spiritual and cultural meaning. In various traditions and belief systems, it is believed that there are 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. Therefore, using a mala with 108 beads helps to align and balance these energies during meditation.

Mala beads are not only beautiful accessories but also powerful tools for enhancing one's spiritual practice. They serve as a tangible reminder to stay focused and present during meditation or yoga sessions. The repetitive motion of moving each bead through your fingers can help calm the mind, reduce stress, and deepen your connection with your inner self.

In addition to their spiritual significance, mala beads have become popular fashion statements in recent years. Many people wear them as necklaces or bracelets as a symbol of mindfulness, intention-setting, and personal growth.

Whether you are an experienced meditator seeking to deepen your practice or someone looking for a meaningful accessory, mala beads offer a unique blend of spirituality and style. Their timeless beauty combined with their ability to enhance focus and intention make them an essential tool for anyone on a spiritual journey.

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