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Goloka Archangel Metatron Incense

Goloka Archangel Metatron Incense

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12 Sticks

Made in India


Highest of Angels (twin)

One of the two twins who were once human but ascended into Angels. He is often connected with the Book of Life, recording everything that happens on earth. He helps with those who are stressed, or those who need focus, motivation, discipline and organization in their lives. He’s also known to help those who are starting a new project and need help with management.

His energy is more human than any other angel. Because he was once human, he is more understanding of how humans work with one another. He also offers more human advice, often being direct and analytical. You can call on him when you need help with your goals, or if you need help managing your personal/work life.

Tarot Card(s): The Fool

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