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Soul Cards Deck

Soul Cards Deck

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The Souls Cards Deck is the 2020 COVR Gold Winner for Iconic Products

This set of 60 evocative Soul images created by Deborah Koff-Chapin will speak directly to your soul and you can use them to nourish and evoke your own insight and creativity. When using Soul Cards with a partner can bring greater focus to your experiences and can open new channels of communication between the two of you.  You can also use the Soul cards for therapeutic or divinatory readings. Because there are no established meanings to the Soul cards; each can reflect a different interpretation depending on the person who chooses and the context in which it is viewed. The booklet offers suggestions for preparing, selecting, reading, and combining the cards, as well as using them for reflection, divination, contemplation, visualization, and dream interpretations. The unique packaging may be used as a frame for displaying individual cards.

  • Size
     Cards measure 3.75” x 4.875”
  • Language
  • Artist
     Deborah Koff-Chapin
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