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365 Ways To Develop Your Psychic Ability

365 Ways To Develop Your Psychic Ability

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Go from Intuitive Beginner to Master Psychic in just Five Minutes a Day

Unlock and strengthen your innate psychic potential with 365 fast, effective ways to develop your abilities. Beginning with simple observation skills and moving forward to trance and divination techniques, this book’s step-by-step practices guide you to psychic mastery.

Formatted to fit your personal pace and learning style, 365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Ability shows you how to build your psychic muscles day by day. Learn meditation, trance techniques, divination, and how to perform readings. Discover extensive exercises on scrying, clairvoyance, intuition, empathy, and more. Using quick and accessible methods that build upon one another, this comprehensive book helps you become a proficient psychic.

gtin: 10732133416805

ISBN-13: 9780738739304
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: February 2015
Product Type: trade paperback
Page Count: 360 pages
Size: 5 x 7 x 1 IN
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