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Cho Ku Rei Coffee Cup

Cho Ku Rei Coffee Cup

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Price is for one coffee cup

Printed on both sides

Available in 11 Ounce and 15 Ounce

Cho Ku Rei (Cho-Koo-Ray) is the power symbol in Reiki healing practices.  It acts as a catalyst to quicken and strengthen the Reiki healing process.  The Cho Ku Rei aids Reiki healing by providing protection to the practitioner and receiver.  By evoking the Cho Ku Rei, the practitioner can successfully tap into life energy and channel it to various parts of the body.

The Cho Ku Rei is mostly used in combination with other Reiki symbols and strives to support and reinforce their powers.  It’s most effective when it is used at the beginning or end of a healing session.

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