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Crackle Quartz Bracelet Reiki Infused

Crackle Quartz Bracelet Reiki Infused

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Fits 7"

Our Crackle Quartz Bracelet is reiki infused with Kriya and Holy Fire III Reiki Energy for "Dreams Come True. This stone's properties can protect you from negative energy, transforming it into love and light. Wearing the bracelet can have a significant impact on your emotional well-being, leading to personal growth and increased mental strength.

The meaning of this stone teaches you how to let go of unwanted emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you. By releasing these negative emotions, you can make room for more positive and nurturing feelings. You may find yourself letting go of grudges or allowing moments of frustration to pass without affecting your mood."

The properties of Crackle Quartz can protect you from the evil energy you encounter daily. It transmutes that energy into love and light, ensuring that negativity doesn't last too long. Crackle Quartz can have a massive influence on your emotional well-being. Keeping it close can lead to immense growth and a noticeable change in your mental strength.

Reiki Infused with Holy Fire Energy. A New Reiki Energy, Holy Fire® Reiki is a new form of Reiki that was introduced about three years ago by the ICRT. It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. Holy Fire® energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness.

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