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Goloka Archangel Raphael Incense

Goloka Archangel Raphael Incense

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12 Sticks

Made in India


God Heals

Raphael helps with inner and outer healing (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual), and helps promote better health and spirituality. I find that he heals a lot of past hurt. He is often known to assist those who heal others, especially doctors, nurses, and even spiritual practitioners. He helps all creatures of God not just humans.

His energy is loving and kind. His words are gentle and compassionate. He speaks with the intent to comfort and heal past and present wounds. You can call on him when you need to heal emotionally, mentally, even physically. Though, I don’t recommend replacing him for professional help. Remember, he assists humans who can actually heal your physical wounds.

Tarot Card(s): The Empress

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