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Goloka Archangel Uriel Incense

Goloka Archangel Uriel Incense

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12 Sticks

Made in India

Inner Light

Light of God

Uriel helps us achieve our higher self (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). He is God’s light, so his priority is to enlighten us by placing a spotlight over our inner strengths and weaknesses. He is known for helping spiritual practitioners receive messages from other spiritual guides. He helps people channel higher wisdom, giving us the knowledge to evolve and expand more positively.

His energy is bright and powerful, for obvious reasons. He speaks with the intent to empower and enlighten you. He is, without a doubt, one of the Archangels you call when you need to elevate your soul and spirituality. He can help you achieve your higher calling in any form.

Tarot Card(s): The Sun

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