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Reiki Hand Placement Charts (Reiki Learning Series): Corinne Friesen

Reiki Hand Placement Charts (Reiki Learning Series): Corinne Friesen

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A great learning aid for studying Reiki Symbols. Prepared by Corinne Friesen, Reiki Master, each card shows clear, simply crafted versions of a symbol and shows you how to draw it. Includes drawing tips, how to say the symbol's name, and information on how to use the symbol. Traditional forms of the symbol are on each card. Some include non-traditional versions as well. Specify which card you'd like or go for the whole set of four cards: Power Symbol & Emotional Healing Symbol; Distant Healing Symbol; Attunement Symbol, traditional & modern; Master Symbol, traditional & modern. Second Edition now includes Sequence Cards, which show the sequence for using the symbols for different purposes. Each card is 4.5 x 7.5 inches, double sided, laminated. PLEASE NOTE THE SIZE is about the width and half the length of a standard sheet of printer paper.

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